Can I remove several layers of wallpaper at a time?


SimpleStrip will strip up to 6 layers of wallpaper at once, although we have had reports of Wallwik stripping up to 10 layers of wallpaper at once.


To remove multiple layers of wallpaper you will need:



  1. Score a small section of the wall to ensure you get the scoring tool pressure correct. You should score firmly enough to penetrate just into but not through the last layer of wallpaper. Do not score into the wall itself
  2. Mix the SimpleStrip solution and soak the sheets as directed
  3. Apply the sheets to the wall and leave to work. Allow 45 minutes of soaking for the first layer and an additional 30 minutes for each additional layer of wallpaper
  4. Use the pressure sprayer to keep the top two thirds of the HydroSheets wet as needed
  5. When the wallpaper can easily be pulled away from the wall remove the HydroSheets and place back into the solution ready for the next section.


Immediately pull the wallpaper away from the wall If you have more than four layers of paper, you may have to go back and repeat the process again for remaining layers.

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