Is Wallwik more effective than chemical wallpaper strippers?


We have tested the two Wallwik methods (strippable / peelable and all other) against the top 5 leading chemical stripping products. In each test we found Wallwik to be at least twice as quick as the chemicals on test.


Many of the chemicals on test were found to be too toxic, so we had to use protective clothing. Wallwik’s solution uses environmentally friendly detergents and enzymes and is safe for use around children and pets.


We found that the chemicals created quite a lot of mess and they also required a lot of scraping which causes damage to the plaster. Wallwik creates very little mess as the Wallwik sheets hold the solution against the wallpaper where it is required.


We also found that the chemicals had poor coverage, so they are a much more expensive method of removing wallpaper. One small bottle of Wallwik power concentrate is enough to strip 2 average rooms!

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