Can it remove wallpaper from drywall (Sheetrock)?


SimpleStrip is very effective at removing wallpaper where the drywall that has not been primed. In fact it is one of the few methods that can strip Wallpaper in this situation successfully.


Follow this simple 5 stage process below to remove the wallpaper with ease:


  1. Score very completely, but lightly. Make lots of very light perforations, but make sure you do not penetrate the drywall. You want to score the surface but NOT ENTIRELY THROUGH the wallpaper sheet. This is especially important when the wall has not been primed because any excess moisture may go into the drywall.
  2. Mix the SimpleStrip Power as directed. Soak the HydroSheets in the solution.
  3. Apply the HydroSheets and leave to work. Use the pressure sprayer every 20 minutes to keep the sheets wet. Allow 1 hour before proceeding to the next step.
  4. Remove the HydroSheets very carefully. Using the SimpleStrip skimmer, slowly skim off the wallpaper. If at any point the wallpaper sticks to the drywall paper covering, spray directly on the point of attachment and allow it to dissolve before resuming the skimming action. The drywall paper may become wavy. These waves will disappear as the wall dries. If you dont leave SimpleStrip to work long enough, the drywall paper will come off with the wallpaper.
  5. After the wallpaper is removed and the wall has dried, you can repair any problem areas where you might have removed the drywall paper.

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