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  • “Patricia M MacGregor, Walker Valley, NY 02-12-16 I just purchased your WallWick system after finding the information on the DIY website. I was hoping it would make an impossible job at least a little easier. Im removing two layers of vinyl coated wallpaper in my kitchen. I scored the paper (and it is really important to do this) and put the wet sheets over the walls. I kept them wet with your absolutely wonderful sprayer-I didnt have to continuously pump the sprayer handle which would have been very hard on my 68 year old hands. After about a half hour I slowly lifted the edge of the paper-it was loose so I pulled on it. To my amazement the entire sheet pulled off. No damage to the wall underneath. I was going to put up new wallpaper because I thought the walls would be in pretty bad shape after removing the old paper. Not so! I can paint the walls because there isnt any damage. Ill be finishing up the kitchen walls tomorrow and Im almost looking forward to seeing the long strips of "double" paper come off the walls.”
  • “Bernard Gmittbr, Cherry Hill, NJ 02-22-16 Amazing! I have never seen anything remove wallpaper so easily. I was working in a high stairwell and it took longer to put up the scafolding then it did to remove the wallpaper. Money well spent.”
  • “Frank Zapata, Castaic, CA 07-01-16 I am so surprised on how easy this stuff worked, i had to strip a small border in my bathroom and i had to re mud because i destroyed my walls, but when i did the kitchen and used simple strip it was so easy i was happy thank you simple strip.”
  • “Vicki Taylor, Austell, GA 02-12-16 What a great product!!! This should be in the big home improvement stores. First of all the step 2 solution is the best I have ever used and I have been taking wallpaper down for at least 20 years. We just finished taking down paper in our kitchen that had 2 layers on bare drywall and it was the best thing I have ever used. Loved everything about it. Really love that it has NO strong smell. Thanks so much for a great product. Will recommend to everyone. Vicki Taylor”
  • “Richard Proctor, Greene, ME 02-12-16 Dear Sir/Madam, Im 61 years old and a 100% disabled army veteran. When I saw your ad for stripping wallpaper, I really didnt believe it would be as easy as you say, but it seemed better than steaming old paper off, so I gave it a try. How nice to find a product that does EXACTLY what it claims!!! Even I, taking it slowly, was able to clean off ALL the paper/paste on my den wall. THANK YOU!!! Satisfied beyond belief, Dick Proctor Greene, ME 04236 Special thanks to you Dick from all the Wallwik team. Hearing your story really made our day!”
  • “Jon and Patricia Riveire , Bloomington IN 05-17-16 This product is amazing. My wife and I spent over four hours taking down wallpaper on a half-wall with hardware store products and did some pretty decent damage to the dry wall in the process. Once we found Simple Strip we were able to get the entire room done (and this is a big room that has had the same wallpaper up for over 15 years) in just over one day with no damage at all! I cant even begin to imagine how long this would have taken without Simple Strip and the cost that we would have incurred having to replace/patch dry wall. Thank you!!”
  • “Marian Laub , Milwaukee WI 05-19-16 I just wanted to let you know that I have used your product and it works wonderful. The wallpaper came off so easy. Even the paste under the wallpaper came off in sheets. I did have to use a wide putty knife to lift the wallpaper and paste but it was very, very easy. The remaining paste I just washed off the wall.”
  • “N K Voss, Richmond TX 06-22-16 I was completely skeptic--simply too good to be true. But guess what: IT IS TRUE. Easy to follow instructions allowed us to peel wallpaper almost by the sheet. And we had 2 layers. Husband was completely dreading this project but by the time we were finished, hes ready to do other rooms in the house (yes, I went wallpaper crazy 20 yrs ago). In two days we stripped kitchen, b/fast and laundry rooms w/ zero damage to the sheetrock. If you dont use this product to remove your wallpaper, you are a glutton for punishment.”
  • “Sandy Ward, 08-23-16 I had tried everything to remove 50 year old wallpaper glue, every wall paper remover, a steamer, even some floor adhesive remover with no success. We were ready to replace the drywall, dreading the mess involved with replacing the drywall I decided to give it one more try with your product. The results were nothing less than amazing. Simple Strip is hands down the best wallpaper remover product and I have tried them all. Thank you Thank you”
  • “Thea Strand, 09-07-16 This product is working amazingly well! I bought it over a month and a half ago, maybe longer and have been too afraid to get started. My husband got transferred to another city so we have to get our house ready to sell and I couldnt procrastinate any longer! I read a lot of very positive reviews but I dont put much stock in reviews because many companies and services write their own. The fact that the DIY Network recommended it was what convinced me to spend the money. It was well spent! Thea”
  • “Joan Strickland, Nashville TN 03-20-17 I have been dreading removing the wallpaper in my house. I was skeptical but went ahead and ordered a kit. I am pleasantly surprised. Ive finished half of the room in 3 hours!!!! I highly recommend this product”