Wallpaper Removal has the reputation of being the worst job in home decorating. Steam wallpaper strippers are messy and can damage drywall. Chemicals are dangerous and damaging to the environment.

SimpleStrip makes wallpaper removal so easy you can strip wallpaper yourself, without hiring decorators or equipment.

time savings

Our system features these unrivalled Key benefits...


Up to 3 times faster than steaming. Actively breaks down all kinds of wallpaper paste. Wallpaper can be skimmed away in whole sheets.

Eco Friendly

No toxic chemicals end up in landfill.

No Wall Damage

No need for hot steam or scraping, so no scalds or damage to plaster.


Less mess, so less clean-up time.

Fast shipping

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Child & Pet Friendly

SimpleStrip chemicals are safer for children, pets and pregnant women than conventional wallpaper strippers.


The HydroSheets are reusable and the Power Solution is biodegradable.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Simply put, we think you will not find a more effective wallpaper removal product and if you don't agree, no quibbles - your money will be refunded. More info  >