The Wallwik story.

SimpleStrip began in 1995 when Richard Jackson and John Stacy were struggling to strip wallpaper in John's home. They were using standard tools for the job - an industrial steam stripper and various chemicals - and became frustrated by their lack of results. So they decided to try to work out why the products weren't working, and then come up with one of their own that did!

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The problem, it seemed, lay with the products being unable to penetrate the wallpaper for a sustained period of time long enough to re-hydrate the paste, so Richard and John began to look for a new way of holding the moisture against the wall.

From that, the idea for the Wallwik SimpleStrip wallpaper and paste removal sheets was born and, less than 20 years later the company has grown into a massive international success story with over 1 million satisfied customers wordwide

Proud Partners of Pro-Act

Despite our global success and rapid expansion, we have always refused to go down the road of the faceless corporate giant and instead maintain a small family-run firm feel. Our corporate social responsibility commitment includes working with Pro-Act to make job opportunities for people with disabilities.

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Wallwik is partnered with Pro-Act to handle all the US assembly, holding and shipping of all SimpleStrip wallpaper removal products and the non-profit organisation's facility now handles all of our worldwide orders too. Most of the work is being done by people with disabilities, many of whom have been part of the 'SimpleStrip' team for a number of years.

Ecofriendly - we really care

We are always looking at ways to reduce waste and ensure that all of our products are safe for everyone, including the environment. You can use SimpleStrip with complete peace of mind.

Our Power Solution is made from biodegradable detergents and enzymes and doesn't contain any toxic chemicals, making it kind to the environment as well as safe to use around children and pets. HydroSheets are resusable up to 50 times each, keeping waste to a minimum. The Scoring Tool is made from hardened steel which will last a long time and replacement parts are available so that customers can continually reuse the tool. And the high quality Pressure Sprayers are also long-lasting and can be used for many other household applications, as can the Skimmer Tool.

Finally, Wallwik SimpleStrip's US manufacturing base is centrally located within the country, substantially reducing our delivery mileages and helping to keep our carbon footprint low.

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