Frequently Asked Removal Questions

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SimpleStrip is very effective at removing wallpaper where the drywall that has not been primed. In fact it is one of the few methods that can strip Wallpaper in this situation successfully.

Follow this simple 5 stage process below to remove the wallpaper with ease:

  1. Score very completely, but lightly. Make lots of very light perforations, but make sure you do not penetrate the drywall. You want to score the surface but NOT ENTIRELY THROUGH the wallpaper sheet. This is especially important when the wall has not been primed because any excess moisture may go into the drywall.
  2. Mix the SimpleStrip Power as directed. Soak the HydroSheets in the solution.
  3. Apply the HydroSheets and leave to work. Use the pressure sprayer every 20 minutes to keep the sheets wet. Allow 1 hour before proceeding to the next step.
  4. Remove the HydroSheets very carefully. Using the SimpleStrip skimmer, slowly skim off the wallpaper. If at any point the wallpaper sticks to the drywall paper covering, spray directly on the point of attachment and allow it to dissolve before resuming the skimming action. The drywall paper may become wavy. These waves will disappear as the wall dries. If you don't leave SimpleStrip to work long enough, the drywall paper will come off with the wallpaper.
  5. After the wallpaper is removed and the wall has dried, you can repair any problem areas where you might have removed the drywall paper.

Wallwik has a system specifically designed for vinyl-coated wallpapers where the top layer can be pulled away to reveal the backing paper.

Once the backing paper has been revealed, spay with Wallwik Power Solution. The solution takes about 60 seconds to soak through and re-hydrate the old paste. The backing paper can then be skimmed off the wall using the Wallwik Skimmer.

To strip vinyl-coated wallpaper you will need Wallwik Power Solution, Hydrosheets, the Wallwik Skimmer and a bottle of Wallwik Power. All of these items are available in the  small or large kits.

SimpleStrip can remove painted wallpaper with ease.

 Just ensure that you score through the paint using the SimpleStrip scoring tool. You will need the following items:

 You can save money by purchasing either our small or large project kits.

SimpleStrip will strip up to 6 layers of wallpaper at once, although we have had reports of Wallwik stripping up to 10 layers of wallpaper at once.

 To remove multiple layers of wallpaper you will need:

  1. Score a small section of the wall to ensure you get the scoring tool pressure correct. You should score firmly enough to penetrate just into but not through the last layer of wallpaper. Do not score into the wall itself
  2. Mix the SimpleStrip solution and soak the sheets as directed
  3. Apply the sheets to the wall and leave to work. Allow 45 minutes of soaking for the first layer and an additional 30 minutes for each additional layer of wallpaper
  4. Use the pressure sprayer to keep the top two thirds of the HydroSheets wet as needed
  5. When the wallpaper can easily be pulled away from the wall remove the HydroSheets and place back into the solution ready for the next section.

 Immediately pull the wallpaper away from the wall If you have more than four layers of paper, you may have to go back and repeat the process again for remaining layers.

Wallwik is very successful at removing the grass cloth.

 You will need to purchase the following items:

  1. Mix the SimpleStrip Power solution as directed and soak the HydroSheets in the solution
  2. Apply the sheets to wall and leave to work on the wall
  3. Pour 2.5 fl. oz (75ml) of SimpleStrip Power solution into the pressure sprayer and fill with warm water
  4. Spray the sheets every 10-15 minutes to keep them wet
  5. When the grass cloth can easily be peeled away from the wall, remove the sheets and place them back into the solution ready for the next section
  6. Use the SimpleStrip skimmer to skim the grass cloth and paste away from the wall If any paper or paste residues remain spray the walls again and allow 5-10 minutes for the solution to work

 Use the SimpleStrip Skimmer to skim away any remnants.

SimpleStrip has HydroSheets specifically designed to remove wallpaper borders quickly and easily.

You will need the following items: 

 Follow these simple steps to remove the border:

  1. Score the border thoroughly with the scoring tool. Press firmly enough to scratch the surface of the border
  2. Mix the Power Solution as directed
  3. Soak the HydroSheets in the solution
  4. Apply the sheets to the border
  5. Leave them to work for approximately 30 minutes
  6. Remove the HydroSheets (They are reusable)
  7. Use the skimmer tool to skim the border away from the wall

Before redecorating it is essential to remove all traces of Wallpaper Paste. Wallwik has a developed a unique system for removing wallpaper paste quickly and easily.

The SimpleStrip 3-step wallpaper removal system, dissolves paste on contact and dramatically reduces the time taken to remove the paste.

To remove wallpaper paste you will need to purchase the following items:


 Pour 2.5 fl. oz (75ml) of SimpleStrip Power Solution into the pressure sprayer and fill with warm water. Spray the walls and allow the solution 5 minutes to work. Use the unique SimpleStrip skimmer to skim any paste residues off the wall.